Friday, 16 February 2018

Cuddle Pillow Toy - Kitty #1

For those of you who remember my Crookshanks/Henry mini fat cat, you will find this new kitty very familiar. This is a larger version of Crookshanks, or to put it more accurately, this is the original size pattern for this fat cat before I reduced it to make a mini Crookshanks. Therefore this kitty is a comfortable 9.5 inches tall not including the ears, about 8.5 inches wide not including the paws, with a tail just under 12 inches long.

This blue/grey kitty is the ideal size to not only cuddle up to for a soft hug, but to also rest a weary head for a cosy catnap. The eyes are pink safety eyes, his whiskers and mouth are embroidered in black using backstitching and the pink nose is blanket stitched. This is such an adorable pillow toy I decided to make more as gifts. This pattern was found HERE in the Shiny Happy World shop.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Sailor Moon Crystal Wallpapers set06 - Sailor Moon items #2

Sailor Moon's first weapon was in fact her Tiara, she would throw it frisbee, or boomerang, style at her enemies to vanquish them. She used this until it broke, then began using her Moon Stick. The second item is not actually her's but Mamoru's, Usagi picks up this pocket watch after it breaks and is dropped by Mamoru. It later saves her life. The last item is the Silver Crystal, an immensely powerful object shown to be hidden within Sailor Moon, later revealing her to be the Moon Princess.

A second set of Sailor Moon Crystal wallpapers featuring Sailor Moon's items, her Tiara, Mamoru's Pocket Watch and Silver Crystal. To download click on the picture of the wallpaper you want and "Save Image As" to save to your computer or alternatively you can select "Set As Desktop Background". Please let me know if your having any problems with these. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Sailboat with bonus Sea Star #1

This sailboat is something different to the usual plush style toys I make. Originally made as more of a decorative piece, I do know it was played with a bit, which is nice as I know that it was enjoyed by its new owner. The sailboat is accompanied by its own sea star, or starfish as it may more widely be known, but as it is not actually a fish I prefer to call it a sea star, plus it just sounds more whimsical being called stars of the sea then simply starfish, at least it does to me.

For the sails and small flag I sewed two pieces of material together, turned inside out, ladder stitched shut, then ironed to create neat but strong and sturdy triangle pieces. The body of the boat, as with the sea star, is stitched together, turned then stuffed before being ladder stitched closed, with the boat being stitched closed around the mast, other wise known as a skewer. I used two skewers to create the mast and boom for the sails, those triangle pieces, to be stitched too.

This sailboat and sea star were made from a pattern found using a simple google search, and as with almost all of these google found patterns there were no instructions. Therefore I was left to figure out what to use for the mast and boom, as well as how to assemble this sailboat, all on my own. The sailboat at its full size is somewhere around 12 inches I think, but I can't be accurate about this as I gave this away before I thought to measure it.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Sailor Moon Crystal Wallpapers set05 - Sailor Moon items #1

Sailor Moon, in both the original anime and the new Crystal series, has a number of items she uses in her fight  against evil. This first set includes her Transformation Brooch, used by Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon, her Disguise Pen, used to disguise herself while on missions, and lastly her Moon Stick, Sailor Moon's attack item when fighting the forces of evil.

These Sailor Moon Crystal wallpapers feature Sailor Moon's items, her Transformation Brooch, Disguise Pen and Moon Stick. To download click on the picture of the wallpaper you want and "Save Image As" to save to your computer or alternatively you can select "Set As Desktop Background". Please let me know if your having any problems with these. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Topsy Turvy Doll - Elsa & Wonder Woman

I so loved how my first up-side down doll turned out (seen here) and I have had requests for more, so now, finally, I have finished another flip doll. This doll is a Disney / DC topsy turvy mashup of their most popular characters. Elsa from Disney's Frozen and Wonder Woman from the DC Extended Universe, and seen most recently in the movie Wonder Woman. As you can see they are not exact representations of their characters, merely just my interpretation of each character limited by my supplies.

As one of Disney's most popular characters in recent years, Elsa is an official Disney Princess, Queen of Arendell and the re-imagined Snow Queen. This young lady, along with her sister the Princess Anna, the magical talking snowman Olaf, Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, are so popular they are instantly recognisable. So despite not being an exact likeness, this Elsa doll looks enough like her character to be obvious to most.

One of the most well known and long standing female heroines and icons of feminist power is Wonder Woman. Over the years her looks and outfits have changed and altered with the times but she is forever Princess Diana of Themyscira, the Amazon Warrior. With her pair of indestructible bracelets and tiara, my doll version of Wonder Woman is immediately recognisable as her outfit has changed so many times there is no wrong way to dress her.

The Elsa doll was given a blue dress in snowflake print with an under shirt of pale blue. The top of the snowflake dress was created to look like a bodice to more resemble the style of dress worn by Elsa. As I have mentioned above, the outfit is not exact as I had to rely on the original pattern for this topsy turvy doll that was altered slightly for this dress, as well as the materials that I had on hand as I only use recycled materials.

Elsa's face is hand embroidered and her hair is stitched to her head, first stitching a hair layer over her head before stitching a second layer of hair for her front hair wave and plait. This is so she will have no bald spots if her hair is moved about. It was tricking getting her plait just right but I am very pleased with the end result.

For the Wonder Woman doll, I made it in very much the same way I made my first Wonder Woman topsy turvy doll, with a few minor changes. First her skirt is plain blue, her wrist cuffs are yellow, or gold, and her tiara is designed so that the star pattern is embroidered, to more resemble the tiara as seen in the new Wonder Woman movie where there is no longer a red star on her tiara. Her hair is also stitched with two layers to ensure no bald spots.

These topsy turvy dolls take so long to create and put together but the end result is so worth the weeks of effort put in to hand stitching each and every detail. Along with their individual facial expressions and embroidered definition on their hands, each doll has its own unique character. The finished size of this topsy turvy doll is about 14 inches from head to head and about 16 inches from head to hem, as the skirt hangs a little lower to fully cover the doll under it.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Sailor Moon Crystal Wallpapers set04 - Sailor Moon


In the new Crystal version of Sailor Moon, the title character is a lot less clumsy and not as much of a crybaby as she is portrayed to be in the original anime, which makes a nice change to her character as she could at times be overly dramatic in her display of these traits. However she has lost none of her charm in this new retelling, only her babyfat, being redesigned as a slimmer version of herself, along with the other characters in this new reboot.

These Sailor Moon Crystal wallpapers feature Usagi Tsukino in her superhero form as the lead heroine Sailor Moon. To download click on the picture of the wallpaper you want and "Save Image As" to save to your computer or alternatively you can select "Set As Desktop Background". Please let me know if your having any problems with these. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Sailor Moon Fuku Locket Necklace

While browsing the net I came across the most amazing Sailor Moon necklace, after a bit of a search I discovered that the design was by Heather Sejnow, otherwise known on etsy as CS Fox Burrow. Her etsy store has been on hiatus for a little while now, but if you get the chance you should check out her designs, they are so unique and beautiful.

This particular necklace was made using iron beads, jump rings, gold chain and a lobster clasp. There are 5 separate pieces that make up this necklace, each piece is ironed then connected to each other with a jump ring. The collar is blue with white stripes, the bow is shades of red and the centre is Sailor Moon's yellow, or golden, transformation locket.

Being such a massive Sailor Moon fan I just had to have this necklace. Other fans may notice that the centre locket piece is actually from the first season of the original anime, an iconic Sailor Moon item. As I mentioned CS FocBurrow is currently taking a break from etsy but her store can be found HERE for those interested in following her on her return.