Friday, 13 October 2017

Baby Demiguise (inspired by the Harry Potter Series)

Some of you may be familiar with my quiet little companion who showed up a few months ago disappearing and reappearing as he wished, as a Demiguise will do. More recently he has been spotted with a little companion of his own. It seems my friend has become a father and along with other males of his species, it is he who is responsible for the care of his child. As a youngster the babies hair is still a snowy white colour with invisibility skills yet to fully develop, unlike his silvery haired father who can disappear at will.

This baby Demiguise was made in the same way as my original Demiguise, only on a smaller scale. The pattern I used provided the pieces to shape the body, arms and feet. After reducing the size of the pattern I then created pattern pieces for the whiskers and tail and edited the face shape and features. His eyes are blanket stitched, his nose is two french knots and his mouth is backstitched all in black as with my original Demiguise.

The small face whiskers were very tricky to turn once sewn, but he wouldn't be a Demiguise without those added features so the end result was well worth the trouble these pieces gave me. The foot pads were backstitched rather then appliqué as suggested in the instructions that accompanied the pattern used, as I liked the simple look the stitching gave to the finished Demiguise. As with all my sewn projects, this baby Demiguise was completely hand-sewn.

My magical creatures collection continues to grow with this new addition of a baby Demiguise and sitting at just 4 inches tall he is so far the smallest of my Fantastic Beasts, smaller even then my Mooncalf which is only 4.5 inches tall. The pattern used for these Demiguise is Choly Knight's Bigfoot Plush Sewing Pattern found HERE in her etsy store. Choly also has a lot of great FREE patterns available on her blog Sew Desu Ne?.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Disney Princess Art Doll - Rapunzel

I have a second set of art dolls I am working on for gifts. These dolls are based on Disney Princesses and first up is Rapunzel with her long golden hair and purple dress. Her long limbs are sewn into her body, her eyes are painted on and her rosy coloured cheeks are crayon. It was hard to get the pink cheeks look right but it turned out sweet looking enough I think.

This Rapunzel art doll was fully hand-sewn and finished with a cute pink flower in her hair to complete her look. I found an amazing image of Rapunzel online that I printed up as a tag to accompany this doll when I gifted her. Despite her limbs being sewn-in she is able to either sit or stand as desired. Although the finished doll is a little rough looking, I do love how this art doll turned out.

Friday, 29 September 2017

My Little Pictish Pony

This uniquely decorated pony was inspired by pictures of Pictish animals with their swirling motifs and beautifully intricate designs. The pony pattern is the same as previously seen with My Little Pony Snuzzle Inspired Plush, only here it is a bigger size. The swirling design was initially sketched out before being hand-stitched to the pony and as with my previous pony the legs are fully moveable.

This Pictish Pony is one of the few plush creations I have kept for myself. The colours I chose are a basic stone grey colour with red coloured stitching for contrast and luck, as red is supposed to be a lucky colour. The pony is finished with a red yarn tail but no mane as I preferred how he looked without it. Stitched by hand, this pony was a lot of fun to decorate and is a one of a kind plush.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Bunbun Pocket Plush Mashup

These two little bunnies were made in just one week, a big task for hand sewer, but I wanted to finish these for a sewing contest that ends tomorrow. I would have started these sooner if I had known about the competition beforehand, I may have gotten more sleep this week... These were made from the combination of two patterns from TeacupLion.

This doll bunny was created from the Bunbun sewing pattern that is given away to subscribers of TeacupLion. The Bunbun pattern consists of the head and ears only, to this I added the body of TeacupLion's free Pocket Bear pattern. I left the bunny face quite simple so the hand embroidered doll face and stitched fringe would stand out as the main feature of this bunny costumed doll.

I gave this doll bunny a floppy ear look by flipping the Pikachu ear pieces included in the Bunbun pattern and finished off the look with mini buttons down the front and a pompom tail to complete the bunny costume for this doll. The Pocket Bear body pattern I used was enlarged to better suit the original size of this Bunbun sewing pattern.

This little bunny was also made from the same two TeacupLion sewing patterns, only here it was the Bunbun sewing pattern that was reduced in size to better suit the original Pocket Bear body pattern. The face placement for this bunny was taken from the Pocket Bear pattern using black safety eyes, a few well placed stitches for the nose and finished with an elegant black bow.

The patterns for these two little bunnies are available HERE. As mentioned the Bunbun sewing pattern is available to those who subscribe to TeacupLion's mailing list, while the Pocket Bear sewing pattern is a FREE pattern available from the same link above. These are such easy to follow and detailed patterns to work with and I am so pleased with how these cute little bunnies turned out.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Faery Rag Doll #3

This is another of my faery rag dolls. Yet another faery doll that was made as a gift. Totally hand-sewn, she is soft and huggable with her big ears, floppy wings and soft stuffed body. She is 24cm from head to toe and her wing span is about 16cm, making her just the right size for little hands, or a shelf decoration.

I love how simple and adorable these faery rag dolls are, with their blanket stitched hair, sewn ear details and colourful wings with matching printed dresses / bodies. Initially I was unsure about how much face detail to add, but I am happy with the simplicity of just her black safety eyes as I think her understated beauty suits a more modest look.

Friday, 8 September 2017

My Beanie Mouse

This sweet little fella has been a welcome companion since his arrival a few days ago, although Henry (my ginger cat) has seemed to be a bit too interested in my new little friend which has led me to be very wary about leaving the two alone together.

After my attempts with altering existing patterns to create something new, as I did here with my magical Mooncalf creature, I decided to try and make a whole pattern from scratch and this is the result. There were a few redraws and editing of the pattern as well as a few unpicked and resewn attempts to create this mouse.

To bring this mouse to life I started with an oval base shape, then there was a lot of measuring and drawing and remeasuring and redrawing as well some sketched out pieces for the ears, paws and tail. Initially I thought the ears a tad large but once all put together they suited him perfectly.

This cute mouse was finished with black safety eyes and a few stitches for his nose. Although his paws and tail are stuffed with fibrefill his body is filled with plastic pellets to give him a soft, playful finish. Being about 11cm long (24cm including the tail) he is a comfortable size to hold in one hand. He didn't quite end up how I first imagined, but I am very happy with how cute he turned out to be.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Hanging Animal Art Doll - Bear

This is another animal art doll I have made as a gift. This doll, like my previous animal art doll, has long jointed limbs connected to a basic body shape with only the animal head altered, in this case to depict a bear. The bear head is made up of cute little ears, yellow safety eyes and a simple stitched nose. As with the first animal art doll I made, this bear comes with a printed animal tag.

As with my previous animal art doll, this hanging bear is designed for decorative purposes and features a hanging loop attached to the back of the head in order to hang this doll. This can be seen in the first picture above. Alternatively this animal art doll can either sit or stand on a shelf or table or anywhere as desired as a decoration. Again I have to apologise for the quality of the photos.